White House Bamboo is a Seth Wulsin project in the works for the 2009 presidential transition.

The plan is simple:

When the current administration leaves office, clear out the entire White House interior of all its belongings, its furniture, silverware, relics and paintings, file cabinets and office-ware, everything from its basements to its museum space to its secret rooms , closets, attics, stairwells and laundry shoots.

Set up temporary tents on the front and back lawns to house offices where the administrative operation can continue working, while a temporary bamboo sculpture is built filling the whole interior of the White House.

Open White House Bamboo to the public for a period of two weeks. The White House has been closed to the public since 2001.

Take down the bamboo sculpture and return the White House objects from storage to their home. Send the bamboo components all over the world to be attached to the outsides of buildings in every country of the world.

The bamboo sculpture will be based on a super-structure of interlocking 4-dimensional Sierpinski Gaskets, one of the few ways to tile space with regular geometric solids.

The Sierpinski gasket is a spatial fractal built from triangles, and is the graphic equivalent of Pascal’s triangle, a growth sequence that functions as an abacus for solving combinations problems. The structure of the work is the shadow of a higher-dimensional physical manifestation of one of memory’s most straightforward modes: addition and reflection. The Sierpinski gasket dematerializes as it grows, maintaining its surface, while turning its bulk into breathing space. The form will not be based on an ideal of perfect straightness, but rather will incorporate curves, like the spinal column, changing the shape of space, while producing a structure both supple and strong.

Just the first stage of the work will require a major political-bureaucratic process -- largely a question of convincing the Committee for the preservation of the White House that, in fact, this project works more in favour of preservation than against it.

As of yet, the project has not been underwritten by any institutions or billionaires. Donations of any amount above $3 can be made through paypal or sent by check to :

  White House Bamboo
  60 Downing Street, #2
  Brooklyn, NY 11238

To support the significant costs of the work, we are in the process of getting non-profit status so that donations can be tax-deductible.

Please stay tuned for news and design updates.

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